The Mission of the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers

“Solving the challenges of environmental injustice . . . a learning community dedicated to personal and community empowerment, college and career-readiness, and equity and access to and for our students, families and staff.”

The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers recognizes that overcoming our planet’s environmental challenges is the biggest task facing the world today. We understand that as our economy becomes more green, many of the future’s most promising careers will focus on solving the challenges of environmental injustice, and in ensuring equitable access to quality living and resources for all citizens. Our students will only be able to activate this mission if they are equipped with collaborative problem-solving and reasoning skills, empathy and awareness of how to interrupt injustice, and the knowledge of green industries and environmental issues. Therefore, we are committed to being a learning community dedicated to personal and community empowerment, college and career-readiness, and equity and access to and for our students, families and staff.

Our Vision

a Culture of Freedom

Our core values, intention, collaboration, and responsibility, reflect our belief that students - actually all people - are most successful when they have ownership and choice over their environment.  Every project begins, and ends, with the student's own purposes. This intentionality extends to all curriculum. Our students explore the world on their own terms, and find their own voice.

By adhering to these core values, we believe that we employ the most democratic approach to education, valuing equity, access and opportunity for all students.  Our vision is to create a culture of freedom by empowering student intention.

Instructional Focus

a Pedagogy of Freedom

Our full inclusion model represents the most democratic approach to education and ensures equitable access to a rigorous curriculum for all students.  As such, our instructional focus is to provide students with sufficient, quality, learning opportunities that maximize student voice. To accomplish this, teachers are responsible to plan for and facilitate Learning Conferences, Unison Reading, Responsibility Teams and Shares at a frequency responsive to student need.

A message from our principal

Dear Green Careers Families,

Madeleine Ciliotta-Young, Principal

Madeleine Ciliotta-Young, Principal

Welcome to the 2019 -2020 school year at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers! 

We are excited to begin this year with you and hope to see you all in the building at one of our events very soon!

There are many things your child can look forward to this year at Green Careers. We have seen incredible academic achievement in our students and are excited to continue with our progressive pedagogical model this year. Our most recent Quality Review confirmed that our school is providing a quality education and we are Well Developed in 7 of 10 indicators. We currently rank at the top of high schools for the 2017-18 Quality Review, please make sure to celebrate that with your child!

Green Careers is a college preparatory and career readiness high school and all students will be learning college and career readiness skills to be successful in any post-secondary opportunity. Our graduation rate continues to increase, and we are proud to report that our recent graduates are attending a range of programs at schools like City-Tech, Hunter College, Binghamton, Lehman and New York University.

Our school continues to be a PROSE school. This allows us to create our own schedule and academic policy to best meet the needs of our community. Students will be released early on Fridays to allow for extended teacher and staff meeting and planning time.  This means the school day Monday-Thursday will be longer. When we switched to this program last year, students voiced their support and over 80% agreed with the new program structure. Please see the new bell schedule on our school website.

The best way to support your child’s academic progress throughout the school year is to ensure that they are reading at least 30 minutes a day, at home, and across a variety of genres. Students should write regularly and for a variety of purposes. School work will be graded by mastery of skills and students should be prepared for long term projects instead of daily homework assignments. 

We are currently designing a wide range of Parent Involvement Programs here and will send out opportunities for involvement throughout the year.  One of our goals is to streamline communication to exclusively electronic, meaning we will need 100% of parents to sign up for Jumprope and provide the school with an email address.   The first day of school for students will be Thursday, September 5th and we can’t wait to see you all of our students then!


Madeleine Ciliotta-Young, Principal