Career & Technical Education (CTE) @ UAGC

We offer our students two career & technical education pathways. Students select one of the two pathways to “major” in after completing a survey course as freshman:

It is our goal at The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers to introduce you to the complicated environmental problems our world is facing and prepare you for a variety of professions that are now tackling these problems head-on.  Our Career & Technical Education (CTE) program is the focal point of this goal.  A strong and effective CTE program gives you a broad introduction to both the important issues and solutions, as well as potential pathways to either deeper study in college or entry into a career.

This is accomplished in several ways, including:

  • Hard skills

  • Soft skills

  • Effective research techniques

  • Access to off-site learning experiences

  • Internships

  • Professional certifications

Program Structure

When you enter UAGC as a ninth grader, you will be required to take an introductory course that will give you the background knowledge needed for further study and exposure to all the academic pathways we currently offer. 

Upon completion of this course, you will choose from one of our two pathways – Urban Agriculture or Green Buildings.  You will spend your remaining three years in this chosen pathway, with each year further building upon the knowledge gained in previous years culminating in professional certification opportunities. 

During your senior year, you can qualify to spend a half day at off-site internships.  Part of our CTE requirement is also to teach career and financial management (CFM).  This is accomplished through interactive online software you can access online at any time. 

a part of the community

School Garden Sows Community Seeds

The event, well-trafficked by the community, not only confirmed for us the interest in opening our garden’s gates more regularly, but planted the seeds for several potential student enterprises.
— Open Garden 2015

UAGC held an Open Garden Event with support from our school partners Jacob's Pickles/Jacob's Pickles Digs NY and The Insurgo Project. The event, designed to introduce UAGC, still young at seven years old, more prominently to our neighbors within the Upper West Side as NYC's premier sustainability-themed technical science school, furthered us towards our commitment to opening our exclusive school garden up for regular public access and enjoyment. 

Teachers and UAGC students, 9th - 12th grade, operated demonstrations, information stations and activities for the curious families, neighbors and passersby who stop in, to talk, listen and learn about our unique instructional values and learning model, and our technical science offerings. 

Restaurateur Jacob Hadjigeorgis, who catered the event with a variety of pickles, biscuits and fixins, deviled eggs and lemonade, and his Executive Chef Glenroy Brown, were on hand to provide students with on-the-spot guidance in presenting, plating and serving these snacks to event guests. 

Other notable guests included Manhattan Borough President, Gale Brewer, Peter Wright, President of Friends of Roosevelt Park, and Shannon Curran, Network Director for The Urban Assembly. 

The event, well-trafficked by the community, not only confirmed for us the interest in opening our garden's gates more regularly, but planted the seeds for several potential student enterprises--like developing a student-managed Community-Supported Agriculture farm stand during the summer and early fall where neighbors can buy shares of student-grown produce, flowers and herbs.