Every student in NYC has a right to a free and public education. Too often, students don't stand up for their rights, either because they don't know about them, or because they don't care.

At UAGC, we want you to take advantage of the rights that the citizens of our country believe you should have. We talk a lot about them, and they are found in the NYC Citywide Behavioral Expectations, otherwise known as the "Blue Book" on pages 15-17 - THREE whole pages of guaranteed rights that students deserve in any school they attend.

With these rights comes one page of responsibilities, which we talk a lot about. UAGC works hard to ensure student rights; the job of a student is to hold up the other end of the bargain, including Responsibility #23, which we talk a lot about (ask any UAGC student!).

Know your rights, and we'll help you meet your responsibilities!