Learning Cultures Theory

"It is not enough to look at the pedagogical practices or at the pedagogy used; one has to turn to theories of cognitive development and learning which influence both pedagogy and actual practice" (Erneling, Towards Discursive Education, 14)

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Theories Embedded in Learning Cultures

“I suggest that it is much better to read intensely in theory than to read widely. By this I mean that you will gain little from reading article after article that make little sense to you. You will gain much more by using the same amount of reading time to read one crucial and frequently mentioned article several times for yourself. Having a detailed knowledge of what is actually said in the pages of a well-known argument, being aware of how the argument unfolds and how it is qualified of contextualized, will be far more useful to you than a superficial overall impression gained from commentaries or from desperate skim-reading. However daunting the material, you have to make your reading meditative, reflective, and personal. Try to become a slow reader”

“In a nutshell, intensive reading is often more useful than extensive reading” (Barry, Beginning Theory, 4).