School Operations

Absence Request Form (Personal Days, PD, etc.)

Emergency Contact Form (Please keep up-to-date in case of emergency)

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Compliance

Facilities Requests (Use for all physical facility needs)

Per Session Materials & Postings

Per Session Time Clock

Program Change Request Form (Refer students to use and/or complete for students)

School Event Request

ShopDOE (Use to request any supplies not currently in stock or running low)

SmartBoard and Technology Repair Request (Use if you can not facilitate self-support through DIIT)

SubCentral (Always request a sub for any absence)

Sub Plans Google Folder (Please keep up-to-date with basic class flow in case of emergency)

Supply Requests (Use if you would like supplies delivered to your room)

Table of Organization and Telephone List


Curriculum Materials (All department folders, rubrics, and curriculum maps)


Learning Cultures Materials (Rubrics, records, and more)

PD Update Form

Professional Development

UAGC Mastery Collaborative LaunchPad