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"I have forty two schools in four boroughs. We talk a lot about student centered classrooms. Green Careers is the only school who is fully committed to it. It is the hallmark practice if you will of the school. It is the only place I see it consistently student centered learning. It's incredibly ambitious and very challenging to the mindsets of many stakeholders including students to begin with …. When it is done with fidelity and when it is done masterfully, there is no better form of learning in NYC.”

NYCDOE Superintendent Fred Walsh

Dijon Pleasant, Class of 2019

UAGC is rated one of the highest quality learning environments in New York City (NYC DOE Quality Reviews in 2016 & 2018).

Not only do we boast a rigorous academic environment, we also work to prepare all our students for work in an ever-changing world.

“Children are cognitively engaged with high level, active participation; they hold each other accountable to and for learning.”

Daisy Concepcion, NYC Director of School Quality from UAGC’s 2016 Quality Review

“Student use of rubrics and meaningful teacher and student feedback enables them to better understand their work and enhance their performance. The actionable and meaningful feedback and effective adjustments to instruction make students aware of their next learning steps.”

Michele Ashley, NYC Senior Director of the Office of School Quality from UAGC’s 2018 Quality Review

“This school doesn’t want to see you fail.  At the same time, they require you to push yourself.”

Kadiatou Diakite, Class of 2021

“This school sets a mark but once we achieve it, they move it farther.  Like you [are] proficient - but you could be exemplary. Revision is so important we just push ourselves here and that’s why we have a growth mindset.”

Shamar B., Class of 2021

“School leaders and faculty ensure that curricula align to the Common Core and strategically integrate the instructional shifts and build knowledge in the disciplines through unison reading of complex text, text based answers, and writing from sources. Lesson and unit plans include accommodations for students based on student work and data. The strategic integration of English Language Arts (ELA) shifts contributes toward coherence that promotes college and career readiness and plans for access for individual and groups of students, including English Language Learners (ELLs), students with disabilities, and the lowest and highest achievers.”

Michele Ashley, NYC Senior Director of the Office of School Quality from UAGC’s 2018 Quality Review

“The vast majority of teachers are engaged in inquiry-based collaboration on department teams that promote student engagement with standards school wide. A variety of leadership opportunities and structures are embedded in school practices. Teachers play an integral role in key decisions that affect student learning and collaboration increases the instructional capacity of faculty and results in increased student achievement levels and graduation rates.”

Michele Ashley, NYC Senior Director of the Office of School Quality from UAGC’s 2018 Quality Review

If you want to learn how to think freely, collaborate effectively to solve complex and novel challenges, read and write with passion, and develop the skills and knowledge to become a leader, then come be a part of the UAGC community!

It is our goal at The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers to expose students to the complicated environmental problems our world is facing and prepare them for a variety of professions that are now tackling these problems head-on.

Our CTE program is the focal point of this goal. A strong and effective technical science program gives our students a broad introduction to both the important issues and solutions, as well as potential pathways to either deeper study in college or entry into a career.


Be a part of something EXCITING At this critical moment for American democracy!

The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers resolutely affirms our commitment to the rights and dignity of every student, every family, every human being. 

We are a part of the Urban Assembly community of nearly 9,000 students and adults representing the glorious diversity that makes our city – and our country – a beacon to the world. Nearly half of our students are first- or second-generation immigrants. More than 37 languages are spoken in UA families’ homes. Each of these families contributes to and deserves America’s very best.

We seek every opportunity to ensure that all of our young people continue to receive an outstanding public education - and that they have the chance to grow into adulthood in a country that lives by our founding and enduring values.