A Parent’s Perspective


Click PLAY above to listen to Amy Rodriguez, a UAGC parent, and her daughter, Minevelyn, Class of 2022, talk about their experiences.

Academics & Instruction

“The expectations for success were communicated to me through mail and email, and phone communications. Staff and teachers are accessible and responsive. UAGC supported my child to be academically successful this year by providing outstanding college and counseling support. Even though my child decided to not to take up the offer, leadership recommended her to take certain leadership roles for her senior class. The staff are aware and observing with supportive care and concern. Leadership also has demonstrated their dedication to ongoing school community reflection with intention to be creative and make improvements where needed.”

- Parent of a member of the Class of 2019, Member of the School Leadership Team

culture & vision

“School leadership strongly believes in protecting students from anything that is threatening therefore emphasizes the campus as a safe space. This safe space is also a responsibility of the students. If students are found threatening the safety of the school, steps are taken to supportively address the situation, while holding the appropriate students accountable. The classroom culture is developed on the theory of community engagement and reliance. Students are encouraged to collectively work together to tackle assignments by way of research, discussion, trouble shooting and feedback. Staff and leadership remained dedicated to ensuring students and teachers are on the same page. Students are encouraged to view their work as an ongoing project in some respects. They are provided space and time to to select their topic of interest and develop their work over a course of time, with multiple opportunities to make improvement and therefore increase their grade.”

- Parent of a member of the Class of 2019, Member of the School Leadership Team


"The quality and frequency of communication are strong. Staff and teachers are available and accessible and are looking to have important conversations with parents. They want parents to be engaged so when there is the opportunity to discuss your child they are there. They will hold your child accountable for what they are responsible for and want your support and engagement to help them do so.”

- Parent of a member of the Class of 2019, Member of the School Leadership Team