Collaborative Leadership Structure

Across the country, a growing number of educators are transforming student learning and the teaching profession in new ways through teacher-powered schools. The teacher teams in more than 90 teacher-powered schools across the country—including here at UAGC—have secured autonomy to design and run their schools and make decisions influencing school success and student learning.

Learning Cultures: A Transformative School Reform Model for K-12, was a workshop that was eye opening for me. My public school culture is one of top down, traditional administrator (principal, director, etc) as leader with very little horizontal communication and collaboration. I love the concept of ‘Teacher/Leader’ as shared by the staff at Urban Assembly School for Green Careers, where teachers themselves are the leaders and instruments of change.
— Conference Attendee, Innovative Schools Network, Wisconsin 2015

Teacher Lead Positions at UAGC for this School Year

Testing Coordinator: Testing procedures and logistics, proctoring schedule, proctoring training, assessment calendar, school-wide surveys.

Assessment Lead: School-wide assessment policy, mastery, Workout Plans, social-emotional assessments, school-wide assessment implementation.

Behavior Lead: Social Norms Talks, ladder of intervention development, KOC supervision, suspension/removal/incident prevention and intervention, on-call management.

Curriculum Lead: Curriculum maps, department leads, grading policy, mastery, Learning Cultures implementation.

Data Lead: Collect and maintain school-wide data, apprise staff, administration and school community of recent, relevant data.

Professional Development: Implement PD Framework, PD surveys, LC on-boarding, PD cohorts management, PD resources.

Recruitment Lead: Open houses, recruitment fairs, recruitment materials, liaise with enrollment office, Ambassadors.

Department Leads: Department meetings (LASW protocol), horizontal and vertical curriculum alignment, assessment development, resources, accommodations and access to curriculum.

Student Activities 9th - 12th Grade and Student Council: Coordinate student activities, grade level events.