Work Based Learning

Experience and Insight

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Ashley Felix, UAGC’s Partnership Coordinator

UAGC students have opportunities to participate in internships with our partners and other programs, as part of our CTE programs.  Internships are an investment in yourself and your own future.  They are also the perfect opportunity for you to explore potential careers, gain valuable job experience, expand your resume and college applications, and learn about yourself.   Here is what some UAGC students have had to say about their internship experiences:


Ghalia, Class of 2015 - "During the summer I interned for the CTE Horticulture program.  I'm extremely grateful I got this opportunity. Some days were so exhausting, but it taught me how well I actually can lead a group of people I've never really socialized with much and/or work with others to achieve something great."


Marcos, Class of 2015 - "Interning with the U.S. Forest Service was one of my best experiences yet! Not only did I work with the social assessment crew at the Urban Field Station, I also got a chance to work with a group of Urban Park Rangers. Surveying people and observing nature in NYC parks was the best way to spend my summer. This internship helped me by improving my social skills with people and learning what different people think about the different kinds of natural areas in NYC parks."


Brian, Class of 2017 - "My internship at Siemens was my first internship or work experience. I had no clue what it would be like. With the help of my mentor and the people at Triskeles, I gained real valuable knowledge and skills about what it takes to be successful in the business field. It was a great experience and I would encourage anyone who wants any work experience to take part in this program."


Eileen, Class of 2017 - "The Sustainable Directions program was a great experience. It was a preview of how it is in the real world; different work sites to see if you would prefer it as a career. I learned professional skills, and most of all gained confidence. I encourage students to do a summer internship program, it looks great on your resume but as well on college applications."


Candy, Class of 2016 - "Being in contact with the environment is the best. I enjoyed helping the woodlands that I didn't even know were around (New York City).  My summer internship was one of my best outside experiences, working and learning at the same time and helping the world."


Stephany, Class of 2015 - "Working in Florida for the summer with The Nature Conservancy as a LEAF intern, was an unforgettable experience.  Although it was hard work, exhausting, and extremely hot--at the end of it all I come home with more knowledge on what it takes to keep an environment balanced, how to cook, clean and overall just being more independent than I was before this. Adding to that, I come home with new friends, and a story to share with others. I have taken away more from the LEAF program than I expected I would.  If I were given the choice to go again I would definitely not think twice about going."