UAGC does not have a uniform dress code. However, students are expected to dress appropriately for school.  Guidelines for student apparel are as follows:

  • Clothing should be free of offensive or negative messaging and in accordance with Student Responsibilities #9 in the Citywide Behavioral Expectations book.  In addition clothing should be free of references to guns, drugs, alcohol, nudity or implied nudity and profanity.
  • Clothing should cover shoulders, midriff, and legs to 3” above the knee so that there are no visible under-garments.
  • Clothing (e.g. head wear and jewelry) that hinders communication, listening, and participation in learning and school activities

In addition, students must change for gym class.  Required gym clothes are: white t-shirt, athletic shorts or sweat pants, and sneakers.

If a student is dressed inappropriately, a staff member will speak to him/her privately and ask them if s/he has appropriate clothing that s/he could change into.  If s/he does, s/he will be allowed to use the bathroom to change, when necessary. If s/he does not or has left clothing in the lockers, they will be referred to the dean.