Virgilio Loveras's Narrative: The Words of Another Man

He was always outside with the older kids.

Always into playing sports such as basketball, baseball, and football. This was until of course he started to hang out with the wrong group of people. His name was Jamal. He was a junior in high school and he was on the basketball team.

One day on his block Jamal seemed upset one of the older dudes from the block came over and asked Jamal “Wassup bro you good you look upset.”

Jamal responded “Na man just thinking about my father and some other stuff."

Jamal’s father died when he was 3 years old and his mother often struggles to pay rent. The older dude from the block told him “Ay man you know if you ever need to make some money this is what I do I'm here for you."

Jamal knew that this actually meant that if he ever wanted to sell drugs for him he could. Any other day Jamal would have rejected the offer but there was so much going on that he said “Yea man I could use some extra cash just let me know what to do." The older dude said "All right just meet me here tomorrow same time and I will give you instructions."

The next morning Jamal skipped school and met up with James. He was told what to do and after it all James gave him a pound of weed with a scale. He told him every time somebody called him to break it off the pond throw it on the scale and make the money.

Jamal followed the instructions that James gave him and in no time Jamal seemed happier than usual. He had money and clothes all he ever wanted. A month passed and things were going so good that Jamal dropped out of school to sell weed. Him and James got into an argument; it was only a matter of time.

Jamal asked him “If I’m the one selling the weed and taking the risk why am I not making as much cash as you” James responded and said “Don’t be stupid man - I’m the one giving the weed to sell just get money!” Jamal didn’t respond to James and just kept getting money. 

Later that day, after the argument, Jamal was on the highway on his way to sell some weed when a police car came behind him and asked him to pull over. When the officer approached the car he asked Jamal “Where you headed?" Jamal stuttered and said “None of your business.”

The officer told Jamal the car smelled like weed so "please step out of the vehicle" so that he could search it. Jamal tried not to panic so he just stepped out of the car and the police officer began to search.

As the officer was searching the vehicle Jamal backed out his Uzi and shot the officer in the stomach a couple times. The officer tried to reach for his gun but by the time he did Jamal hit him again in the face. He knew he was in trouble so he grabbed one of his garbage bags put the officer inside and put him in the trunk. Jamal drove to the river than dumped the body inside.

As Jamal drove off he began to think of everything he had just did and he began to panic. He started to think of all the trouble he was about to be in because of James so he stopped the vehicle and dialed 911. He told them about James and everything he made him do. The police asked for James' address and Jamal sang like a rat.

When the police arrived at James' crib he already knew that it was Jamal who had snitched. They took him in for questioning but he denied everything, although they still found 5 pounds of weed in his house.

A month passed and Jamal joined school again and promised his mother that he would never sell weed again. Although everything was going good, about 3 weeks later the body of officer Dickinson was found in the river in a trash bag. They found the bullets inside of him and Jamal’s finger print matched perfectly.

They arrested Jamal for the killing of a police officer. But at that moment there was nothing he could do but tell others to never let the words of another man influence your actions.