Student Orientation starts at 8:30 am on September 5th!!!

The first two days of school this year will be dedicated to getting students acclimated to our community, and planning for the coming school year.

Attendance is always mandatory

If you are not able to attend Orientation for whatever reason, please call the school at 212 787 1189 x 4073 OR email

School Hours

Start Time

  • Monday - Friday, classes begin at 8:30 am (we recommend that students arrive by 8 am the latest to allow for enough time to get through scanning and grab something to eat in the cafeteria; students arriving at 8:30 am or later will not be permitted to get breakfast)

End Time

  • Monday - Wednesday, school ends at 3:43 pm

  • Thursdays, school ends at 3:33 pm

  • Fridays, school ends at 11:19 am (students may go to the cafeteria to eat lunch before leaving the school building)

The first day of a school is a Thursday, so your child will be dismissed at 3:33 pm. The second day is a Friday, so your child will be dismissed at 11:19 am. The third day of school is on Monday, 9/9, and your child will be dismissed at 3:43 pm.

To check your child’s attendance, please log in to JumpRope (their username and password is the same as yours), call the main office at 212 787 1189 x 5774 to speak to Maribel Roman, or email her at

To see what a typical day in the life of a UAGC student looks like, please click here.

School Supplies

Students do not need to bring anything besides a backpack with some folders in it on the first day of school.

Topics that will be covered during Orientation

  • Welcome & Introductions through extended advisory time ; new students will be introduced to the school building and how to get to and from their various classes

  • Team-building games and experiences

  • Administrative forms distributed: emergency “blue card” contact information, media release form, general permission slip, health center form, military opt out letter,

  • Metro cards distributed

  • Student ID pictures taken and cards printed

  • Student emails issued/ created

  • JumpRope log ins created

  • Student schedules/ programs distributed, program change requests

  • Introduction to UAGC’s mastery-based grading policy

  • Review of high school graduation requirements & transcript analysis , college/ postsecondary planning and goal-setting

  • Student interest surveys collected, resume writing workshops & internship opportunities

  • Introduction to the social norms and how UAGC addresses student behavior; students have an opportunity to weigh in and revise our system during this workshop

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please reach out!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Refer to the Staff Directory for the contact information of the person you would like to communicate with. Otherwise, call 212 787 1189 x 4073 starting on September 3rd, or email !