Sira Diakite's End of Year Reflection: Polished to Perfection

Polished to Perfection

The school year has come to an end, and now it's time to take regents. I feel ready and confident. I have seen growth in myself from September to now, and I’ve done everything I can. I have put effort in my work, test and quizzes. In writing class this year I have gone from writing basic topics to more complex ones. I wrote what I felt, what I was going through, and most importantly, about what the world was experiencing. This made me a stronger writer; I was able to speak up and share my thoughts and ideas. I have enjoyed writing as well, because I was able to write about what was important in a classroom with other strong writers. I have shared my pieces many times with my classmates, I was given comments, questions and things to work on, so they made me stronger as a writer too.

My biggest goal in writing class this year was to better inform people about social and personal topics affecting me. I wrote about everything I wanted to speak up about and I made sure there was a lesson in each piece. Two of my favorite pieces were “ISIS IS NOT MUSLIM” and “ALCOHOL.” Both of these writing piece were inspired by events going on in my life.

There have been many terrorist crimes over the years and many people have died; my Muslim community has been judged because of the crimes and attacks.  Muslims were being called every negative thing you can think of and I felt some type of way, so I had to speak up about it. Then I wrote about alcohol because of a person in my life that started drinking, and I wanted to know how people turn into alcoholics to warn this person about the danger of having more than one drink. I felt like I was affected by the drinking, so I wanted to know more and warn others.

Based on the amount of intentional work I have done this year, everything I accomplished, and my growth as a writer, I believe I should get a 100%. I’m at a 95, why not boost it up 5 points? My goal next year is to better myself as a writer. To do that, I have to be reading more and writing during the summer about the things that matter. Everything comes with practice and if you put in your all, you can get more than you expected.