Ronelle Pelissier's Spoken Word: Inauguration Response

Don't Judge a Book

They say don't judge a book by it’s cover

But what if the cover is ripped off

And we know who the book was written for

Because we blind our kids to the truth and tragedy

And cover it up with dora and spongebob

But when we give them their first iphone

They are introduced to porn and websites that have nothing but hate comments like instagram twitter and facebook

We are blinded by the fact that parental guidance is still in the rulebook

We let our kids expose other kids naked pictures

And yes this wouldn't of happened if the pictures were never sent

But teach your kid what “I Love you” means and the fact you shouldn't say it to a girl just for a good laugh


We are all proud of our president for winning the election

And when our kids grow up they will not memorize the star spangled banner

Or lines from the bible

They will memorize “grab them by the pussy” and women are nothing but sex objects and your maids

We are blinded that everyone will be once introduced to the horrors of this world

So when the word “Nigga” is apart of their vocabulary

Do not blame it on the people they hang around

Blame it on yourself for never introducing how bad the word is and its meaning

Because we ignore the truth

Until it's pushing to come out like a baby

And when it does come out we will not feed it and cradle it with love

We will cover it up with more lies to hide that everyone makes mistakes

On the news i see rob kardashian posting about his lover leaving him

And that's sad and all

But not as sad as kids in countries being bombed and left as orphans

But we will never show the kids this side of the world

Because we want them growing up with pure minds

But pure minds will not save you when you're in need of knowledge

We spoil our kids with gifts and money and lie to them telling them it's ok to throw tantrums when they don't get their way

But we don't show the side where kids gifts is a small crumb of bread because again we want their minds to be pure and blind of the truth

They say don't judge a book by its cover

But what if the cover is ripped of

And we know who the book is written for

Its written for the kids growing up today who know nothing but judgment and lies