Ronelle's Spoken Word: Writing Portfolio Reflection

My Reflection

They say everyone is gifted

My gift is writing

And I've grown from a seed to a bud to blooming to a flower

At first I wrote kiddy rhymes

Roses are red and violets are blue

But I've grown and I've written about the reasons why you are you

Why love isn't more than a word

And why depression is more than a mental illness

And why those little boys are always getting curved

I went from writing to why fuckboys should open there eyes

To the secret friend who told me many lies

To writing to my dear diary about my life secrets

To writing about how insecure I am about how I weigh and my features

The mentors I have

Have gotten me prepared to my draft in the war of writing

But there is no blood or fighting

Only words of truth and wisdom and feedback

And instantly I clap back

I hated feedback but Kate has taught me to love it

It has given me an insight on things I've never thought of before

And writing will now forever be my cure

To pain to hurt to heartbreak to me falling

To me getting back up to me hearing my calling

Not from god

But from the words written on a page

And my goals for next semester

Is to work on talking about the jester

The one in my head that likes to play jokes

The one that takes everything seriously until I hit them high notes

Talking bout baby won't you be mine

And instantly he laughs

Talking bout baby won't you shut up

So I wanna give people an insight

On what loving the cruel will do

I will clock back when u say fix it I will run it back when you say repeat it I will turn it around when you tell me I'm wrong but I will NOT change it when you tell me to

I have been drafting for many months and I have been revising my work of art

And I think here at UAGC in room 227 is where I will start