Rolando Diaz III's Winning Prom Makeover Essay: III

When I began attempting to do art at the age of 11, my eraser was my best friend.

Every mark looked wrong and every time I made a mistake I would rub it out. Until one day I worked so hard and spent so much time on one of my art pieces that I refused to let it go to waste. I embraced the mistake that I made, set aside the eraser, kept working, and created something better than I imagined.

Rolando Diaz III

My art started with sketchbooks. I began drawing what I observed: people, nature, buildings.  My medium was pencil and paper until I discovered ways to produce art using digital media. When I was younger I would obsessively visit chat room websites and met a lot of people who I actually still talk to until this very day. In these virtual worlds, I tried to impress my new friends with the best profile, best playlist and get the most views; I updated my profile on the daily. I taught myself to use photo, design, and drawing programs such as Lunapic, Picnic, Photofiltre, and Gimp. I graduated to Photoshop cs6. My friends and I mastered the software together by going to to share our projects.

Throughout the years my techniques for creating art have continued to evolve. I do graphic design using Photoshop Elements 8, observational drawings as well as paintings, ceramics, and fashion illustration. I became interestedin fashion when Instagram and Tumblr became popular. I found fashion blogs and fashion illustrators; my favorite was always Hayden Williams. I love his work because he incorporates street fashion and mixes it with luxury fashion and his illustrations are so detailed. I have chosen fashion and design as a major because fashion evolves and changes based on a trend. I’m the type of person who enjoys and adapts to change. Within fashion I would always thrive to improve. Keeping up with the trends is effortless but setting the trend is challenging and that’s something that I’m looking forward to. I also want to study fashion because it uses the body as an art form and lets me explore themes of gender and sexuality.

From expressing my creative designs through fashion illustration, I will be studying Fashion Design at Parsons to make these ideas come to life. I’m planning on getting my Bachelors degree in fashion and design by the year of 2020 within this time I would be doing volunteer work for New York Fashion Week to be able to meet at greet with high end creative directors and fashion designers to be able to be influenced and guided to the right path to pursuit my dreams. I will graduate and then work on building my own brand which I will name "III."

Rolando Diaz III

The "III" is a roman numeral which is a part of my name since I’m Rolando Diaz - the third. My dream is to impact society by revolutionizing how people categorize clothing based on gender. I want to uprise a unisex clothing brand that men and women can wear without judgement. Being a homosexual 19 year old boy I have dealt with a lot of people critiquing what I wear and stating that some of my clothes are female clothes. These critics have affected my self esteem by making me feel as if I’m suppose to look one way and dress one way.  I’m an androgynous person and I like feminine and masculine things. So therefore, I’ve decided that what I wear to prom I want to be true to myself and I want to embrace my sexuality. I want to be able to look back at my prom photos 10 and 20 years from now and be happy that I was confident/brave enough to wear what I wanted to wear.  I’m planning on wearing this all black jumpsuit inspired by Balmain’s Fall 2016 Collection designed by one of my favorite creative directors/designers Olivier Rousteing.

Rolando Diaz III