Raquel's Narrative Poem: Her


Once upon a time there were two girls swinging side by side.

One was shy and the other one was not.

One had battle scars and the other one had a battle going inside her mind.

One of the girls shared and opened up fast while the other one kept looking at the grass, wondering whether to speak her secrets or not.

She felt she could trust her since the first day they meet. Yet she has never opened up to anyone so soon so why should she be the only exception.

Silence feel once she lastly spoke "No one cares about me."

Until she finally spoke "In the entire world there will always be one person that cares for you, even if you don't realize it."

From staring into the sunset they shared a glance, her face was motion less but the other girl smiled reassuring her, soon a smile grew on the other girl.

Silence stroke again but this time it was as if every problem flew by.

The silent girl spoke becoming the other girls role "Let's be friends" as for the moment naming their relationships something other than complicated.

The confident took on the shyness responded "I'm not good at keeping friendships."

Silence fell for the third time.
One keep her smile while the other ones started to fade away.

"Me neither, but at least we can try. I promise I won't ever stop." The girl on the left turned to see the girl on the right.

For that moment was a special one, they went through hell and back. Flew to heaven but one had to go back, She went back to battle her demons while the girl in heaven is trying to find a way out.

Sadly enough it's most likely impossible so now she lives her life protecting her friend from afar, being the guardian angel she never knew she had inside.

The girl that left walked into the dragon's den, however she doesn't know what her friend is helping a bit on her quest.

She might not realize that the words that were spoken that day were honest and true, because even if the whole world turned against her, she will always care even if she doesn't return it.

She trusts her more than she realized and she was afraid about her fighting her demons and losing her, better to be miles away than realms away.

To the girl in heaven never cared less, she found her way down but it was needless to say. Demons came around twisting her realm, now she doubt everything even her own steps.