Nadya Diaz's Advice Column: Advice to Slackers

At some point while you're in high school, you just become lazy and careless about the class, work and your attendance. These times are rough, especially overcoming them. This little time period can last any where from a couple days to weeks, sometimes even months. But you need to keep something in mind, change begins with you. You are the one who has complete control over your actions, therefore you have the ability to make a difference. I am just here to give you tips on things you can do to be successful when it comes to homework.


It is so easy to get home from school, throw your bookbag somewhere and not even touch it until the morning of school. There are better things we want to do rather than homework, like playing videogames, watching tv or going outside. Some of us even have jobs or practice and making time for homework just adds stress. What are you going to do with all of this overwhelming stress?

First you need to be determined. Recognize how your school work reflects onto your grades which will eventually determine your future. Here are some tips that work for me:

  • Plan out what you need to do. It is essential to keep track of all the work you have to get done. This can be as simple as writing down your upcoming due dates and the assignments right next to it. Get a planner or simply get a paper you can refer to.

  • You can make this into a checklist, once you have finished the assignment, you  can check it off and move to the next. Remember to prioritize what is due soon.

  • As soon as you get home from school, do your homework right away. Get into your pajamas if you'd like and get right to your homework. Just so you can get it over with. Think of it this way, the sooner you do it the faster it gets done. When you're finished, then you can treat yourself to whatever you like doing for fun. Video games, movie time, etc. But all rewards are earned and it's up to you to become committed to getting the work done so you can have a prize in the end.

  • You can even try taking small 15 minute breaks. Get a snack, listen to your favorite songs, meditate, do yoga or whatever you’d like.

  • Separate your homework into chunks - if you work after school or are in a sports  team, you probably know that the thought of doing homework is agonizing, especially doing it all at once. But if you can't do it all at once, separate it

  • If you have homework for every subject, then whenever you have free time in classes, get started.

  • On your way to school you can read the homework criteria, book that was assigned or print articles for research in history. If you have anything to read, just read on your to and from school.

  • If you work, you have a lunch break, take that time to eat and finish up some work. There isn't really much you can do if you're in a sports team because you can't work and play, so the best advice would be is when you get home, get straight to work. If you usually set time aside to watch a TV show or a sports game, don't watch it. You can always catch it on demand, online or record it on your DVR (If your tv allows that, check!)

  • You can even use your school lunch time. I know teachers often stay in classes to eat or offer to stay in during lunch to help students. Take advantage of that. Pack a lunch from home or ask to bring your school lunch to class. Im sure they will understand that you need this time to work and eat. Teachers like students who work hard and take any time possible to do what they have to do.

  • Besides lunch time, I’m sure teachers come early to school and even stay a little after. Take advantage of this time. Come early to school and sit in the cafeteria, work on math, history or science. It might not be a lot of time but it makes a difference, the same goes for staying after school if you have the free time.

  • Class is your time to learn, but sitting with people who don't want to learn or never get anything done won't do anything for you but make you fall behind, so sit with kids that are productive during work time, sit with students who will be able to answer questions for you when you need them too. This is a great tool for any high school student.

  • Create a schedule- This is something you are responsible for. Plan out your day by the hour. From when you wake up until the time you’d like to go to sleep. You can use the calendar app on your phone or get a planner.

    → By doing this you are becoming more aware of how your day should look like, when you are busy or free and on your free time, dedicated an hour or more for work.

Here is an example of a planner:

Last but not least, THE WEEKEND! I cannot stress how much you can get done in two days. You will be surprised. No one wants to do homework in the weekend but if you have a pretty extensive assignment, the weekend is your best friend.

Wake up on Saturday or Sunday, eat your breakfast and once you’re done work on your homework. The earlier the better. If you're not a morning person and like staying up late, Saturday night is the perfect time to just lay in bed where it's quiet and do some reading and writing. It's good for your brain and you’ll concentrate more.