Latifa's Poetry: Lost In Realization

Lost In Realization

Realization is something we all come across.

We are all lost but trying to find a destination.

Oh life where could you take us?

We are lost like a star in day.


What can I say we are like a ship lost at sea.

Nowhere to be found but the hope remains there.

Like air you can’t see but you sure breathe it.

We are lost in fantasies and illusions of this worldly life.


Why don’t we realize that it is a lie?

A lie covered with dark depths that scorn our souls.

We convinced ourselves this is what we want.

When in reality we aren’t living to our true potential.


A lie like a fish on dry land.

           It appears to move and shake.

           But it’ll die soon.

           Yet we think it still has so much life due to its movements.


We’re living a life based on what others are doing.

A person of truth can tell the difference between lies and illusions.

Live your life in truth and you shall find what you seek.

When realization hits darkness will perish and light will stream like a river flow.