Latifa's Philosophy: We Don't Realize

We Don’t Realize

I’ve come to realize that we are all lost. We have yet to find our way in this world. We’re following and doing things that aren’t necessarily true to who we are. We want to become other people yet we don’t realize that these people are lost themselves. Lost in fantasies and illusions. They built this life for themselves based on other people’s opinions and provoking words. We live in this box where our life is built on impressing others.

People are the way they are because of what they are given in this world. I’m not talking about how they have come up financially. I’m talking about the love and care they’ve been given throughout their lives. Some people lack that yet they don’t realize. A lot of us myself included lose ourselves in many different ways. We’re not totally lost because some part of us is still there buried deep down where no man can see.

When people hear lost they instantly think you don’t know where you are, where you belong. What about not knowing who you are anymore? Who are we deep inside? Is a question I’ve asked myself and I’ve come to realize, I am more than just a person. I am someone who has an impact. Everything I do affects others around me. A lot of people are lost in a sense where they only care about themselves because they’ve come to believe they’re only important. Every being is important. Yet we don’t realize that.

We’re lost because we don’t recognize our true self worth and let others judgments affect us to the point we don’t realize. Realize that only we can be the true versions of ourselves. Don’t follow that person that doesn’t even know who they are because of the fact they weren’t willing to find themselves. We are all one. All united but separated. We are so lost that we deeply don’t know why. We are our own enemy. We let our negative thoughts of who we are bring us down. Why don’t we indulge in more knowledge and confidence? We let other people’s perceptions of beauty, knowledge, and life affect who we truly are.

We are beautiful lost souls that need guidance and in order to reach that we need to love ourselves and love another. We’re all trying to find our way in this world the best way we can. Life is what you make of it. So see the good and beauty in everything. Figure out what you want and need then maybe you’ll know yourself better. Once you get that down the love for yourself and the world will come naturally.