Jacob's Pickles Digs UAGC!

Jacob's Digs - the nonprofit run by Jacob's Pickles - held a fundraiser in our school garden,  garnering interest in our school and program, providing programmatic support to UAGC.

Assistant Principal Luke Janka spoke to the donors, accompanied by nine UAGC students: Gabrielle Heyward, Eden Lefebvre, Kelsey Williams, Shania Clarke, Isa Cepeda, Fradaliza Valdez, Brandon Aviles, Chris Aguilar and Yanci Sanchez, who facilitated the garden tour, speaking at various stops. Shania Clarke described the summer gardening internship and won interest and accolades from the guests.

Afterwards, students spent time networking with donors, enjoying bacon dipped in real maple syrup. It was a great celebration of the public/private partnership between Jacob's Pickles and UAGC, making us one of the best places to learn on the UWS.