Isaiah Miller's Profile: "Bringing the ball up"

High School Basketball Profile

Name: Isaiah Steven Miller

DOB: 05/24/99

6’3 195 lbs | Class of 2017

Hometown: New York City, New York

School: Brandies High School Campus

Position: Shooting Guard

AAu Team: New Heights

Status: Signed USC 09/24/17           


Strengths: Isaiah Miller is one the most athletic shooting guards in his class. His slashing ability and his speed compliment his athleticism (45 inch vertical). He is also a high-volume scorer with excellent mid-range shooting 47% field goal percentage. His great lateral quickness is displayed in his elite ball handling skills. His defensive prowess also leads to him being able score exceptionally well in transition.

Weaknesses: He needs to work on his three point shooting only shooting 29% during his senior year. He needs to also work on having a high motor because it has a major impact on his play off the ball. Struggles to rebound on a consistent level.


College Projection: High-Major


Complete Rankings:


  • Player Grade: 95(4-Star)

  • National Rank: 53

  • Position Rank: 7

  • State Rank: 5

Skills Review:


  • Shooting: Good

  • Dribbling: Excellent

  • Passing: Excellent

  • Rebounding: Average

  • Intangibles: Good

In Game Situations: 02/24/17

Down 5 67-62

Point Guard Of MLK bringing the ball up Isaiah known as being a perimeter lockdown defender switches off with Chris.Forces him to his weak hand, Now Chris comes back and traps and they turn the ball over. Isaiah is on the break, and when he's out and running he will not be denied. 2 on 1 break,Chris throws the lob, Isaiah rises up, the foul, the jam! Number 19 just stop it that's nasty! As Isaiah is at the freethrow line you can hear the MVP chants throughout the crowd. There’s a brief hush in the crowd as he releases his free throw, as it it goes through the crowd goes crazy they’re down by two.

30 seconds left what a way to go two for one, 15 seconds left the point guard of MLK is stuck a trap. he rises up takes a bad shot. Isaiah rebounds and they’ll hold for the final shot. “MVP MVP MVP” is heard throughout the stands. 5 seconds left Isaiah is in the isolation play, oh no shifts the defender, rises up from deep. Three, two, one...and it’s good! Brandies wins the state championship. Isaiah on his teammates shoulders as he holds up the championship trophy.