Ethan's Writing Portfolio Reflection: A New UAGC Writer

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Ethan is a boy at a new high school, trying to figure out how things work. Taking place in room 227, Ethan has been trying to learn from his mistakes with the Writing Process.

He has grown as a writer because he learned how to use purpose and audience over the first semester. Like in his first writing piece ‘Meet and Greet: Jesus Reuda,’ he didn’t understand how to use purpose and audience. In fact, he thought that you just write what you feel like writing and hand it in when it has an intro, body paragraphs and a conclusion. He didn’t follow the writing steps well because he didn’t understand it at first. He has a few writing pieces in his notebook that will get a bad grade because of this.

Ethan began to understand purpose and audience when he wrote his third piece, ‘Thanksgiving Letter,” because of all of the Shares he had seen, and the conferences he had around purpose and audience. He was able to tell his family what he was thankful for, and it made him feel brave because he was able to announce it in front of a whole group of people.

His goals for next semester are to become more engaged and attentive, use more time for useful things and check the rubric after he’s finished with a writing piece. He is hopeful for at least a C in this class (but would love a B) because he believes his participation in Mini-lessons and Shares helped him stand out in class.