Chris Hernandez's Sports Article: "Will ‘Melo Reach 30K Milestone?"

Will ‘Melo Reach 30K Milestone?

By Christopher Hernandez

         Carmelo Anthony - everybody in New York should know who that is. Carmelo Anthony is the New York Knicks power forward. Carmelo Anthony was drafted by the Denver Nuggets from Syracuse University in New York. He is now in the Knicks and a big contribution to them. Carmelo is the face of the Knicks. He is a great offensive player/scorer. Carmelo is 34th on the all-time career points in NBA history. Can Carmelo be the 6th NBA player to reach 30,000 career points?

         Carmelo Anthony has 21,793 of them already. Carmelo is about 9,000 away from becoming the 6th player to reach over 30,000 career points. To find out if Carmelo Anthony has a shot at reaching the milestone, I divided the total NBA seasons he has played by his total career points. Carmelo averages 1,902 points per season.

         According to Carmelo’s recent stats I predict he will reach the milestone. I predict that because Carmelo is 30 years old, he still has a couple NBA seasons left to play. The average age an NBA player retires is 36, some retire after 36 and others retire earlier than 36. Carmelo has about 6 seasons left to play in the NBA. In 5 NBA seasons Carmelo is likely to add 9,500 points to his career total. Then Carmelo will have about 30,500 career points passing the 30,000 career points milestone. I figured that out by multiplying his average in points per season by 5 NBA seasons and it gave me a total of 9,000 and finally I added 9,500 and 21,000 and it gave me a total of 30,500 career points.

          On the other hand it is possible that he would not reach the milestone. I say that because they are chances that Carmelo can get injured more than once and miss games. Also it is possible for Carmelo to quit playing in the NBA. It has happened to other NBA player before like Gilbert Arenas. It rarely happens though. Carmelo Anthony can also lack on his scoring skills. He still has a lot of NBA games to play and he wouldn’t let those games go to waste.

         Carmelo Anthony can reach the 30,000 career points milestone just like the other 5 NBA players that reached over 30,000 career points. Those players were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. Carmelo is slowly moving up on the list. Carmelo is ranked 35th on NBA all-time career points list. He will soon be reach 30,000.