9th Grader Alaura Talks About Choosing UAGC

UAGC has amazing students!!

Each one brings unique ideas and perspectives, dedicated to our core values - intention, collaboration, and responsibility - in light of our school's mission of sustainability.

We're so glad Alaura and her father, Sean, are a part of the amazing community at UA Green Careers! But don't take our word for it ;-)

Listen to their story:

Ronelle's Spoken Word: Writing Portfolio Reflection

My Reflection

They say everyone is gifted

My gift is writing

And I've grown from a seed to a bud to blooming to a flower

At first I wrote kiddy rhymes

Roses are red and violets are blue

But I've grown and I've written about the reasons why you are you

Why love isn't more than a word

And why depression is more than a mental illness

And why those little boys are always getting curved

I went from writing to why fuckboys should open there eyes

To the secret friend who told me many lies

To writing to my dear diary about my life secrets

To writing about how insecure I am about how I weigh and my features

The mentors I have

Have gotten me prepared to my draft in the war of writing

But there is no blood or fighting

Only words of truth and wisdom and feedback

And instantly I clap back

I hated feedback but Kate has taught me to love it

It has given me an insight on things I've never thought of before

And writing will now forever be my cure

To pain to hurt to heartbreak to me falling

To me getting back up to me hearing my calling

Not from god

But from the words written on a page

And my goals for next semester

Is to work on talking about the jester

The one in my head that likes to play jokes

The one that takes everything seriously until I hit them high notes

Talking bout baby won't you be mine

And instantly he laughs

Talking bout baby won't you shut up

So I wanna give people an insight

On what loving the cruel will do

I will clock back when u say fix it I will run it back when you say repeat it I will turn it around when you tell me I'm wrong but I will NOT change it when you tell me to

I have been drafting for many months and I have been revising my work of art

And I think here at UAGC in room 227 is where I will start

Ronelle Pelissier's Spoken Word: Inauguration Response

Don't Judge a Book

They say don't judge a book by it’s cover

But what if the cover is ripped off

And we know who the book was written for

Because we blind our kids to the truth and tragedy

And cover it up with dora and spongebob

But when we give them their first iphone

They are introduced to porn and websites that have nothing but hate comments like instagram twitter and facebook

We are blinded by the fact that parental guidance is still in the rulebook

We let our kids expose other kids naked pictures

And yes this wouldn't of happened if the pictures were never sent

But teach your kid what “I Love you” means and the fact you shouldn't say it to a girl just for a good laugh


We are all proud of our president for winning the election

And when our kids grow up they will not memorize the star spangled banner

Or lines from the bible

They will memorize “grab them by the pussy” and women are nothing but sex objects and your maids

We are blinded that everyone will be once introduced to the horrors of this world

So when the word “Nigga” is apart of their vocabulary

Do not blame it on the people they hang around

Blame it on yourself for never introducing how bad the word is and its meaning

Because we ignore the truth

Until it's pushing to come out like a baby

And when it does come out we will not feed it and cradle it with love

We will cover it up with more lies to hide that everyone makes mistakes

On the news i see rob kardashian posting about his lover leaving him

And that's sad and all

But not as sad as kids in countries being bombed and left as orphans

But we will never show the kids this side of the world

Because we want them growing up with pure minds

But pure minds will not save you when you're in need of knowledge

We spoil our kids with gifts and money and lie to them telling them it's ok to throw tantrums when they don't get their way

But we don't show the side where kids gifts is a small crumb of bread because again we want their minds to be pure and blind of the truth

They say don't judge a book by its cover

But what if the cover is ripped of

And we know who the book is written for

Its written for the kids growing up today who know nothing but judgment and lies

Brandeis Campus Drama Club Fall 2016

Drama Club will be having orientation sessions on Wednesday, September 21 and Wednesday, September 28 from 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. All UAGC students are welcome to come. 

This semester, we are focusing on ensemble acting (6 weeks) and then scene study (6 weeks). We will have a production during the month of December. In addition. students will be invited to attend one Broadway show during the semester. 

The sessions will run weekly on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 5:30 (30 hours total for semester). There will be a 2 week rehearsal during the month of December (24 hours total for semester). 

There are currently 20-25 slots, which equates to around 6 students from UAGC to participate with other schools. This is the fifth year of the program, which has provided students access to Theatre Arts, opportunities to participate in 2 production each year, and to attend Broadway shows.

UAGC Upends Traditional Student-Teacher Relationships

Facebook is catching on to the importance of rethinking school.

The tech giant is piloting software that puts students in charge of their lesson plans

Rather than have teachers hand out class assignments, the Facebook-Summit learning management system puts students in charge of selecting their projects and setting their pace. The idea is to encourage students to develop skills, like resourcefulness and time management, that might help them succeed in college.

Currently, this type of learning system is more often found in charter or private schools, like the Summit network Facebook is partnering with, than in the open-enrollment public school students most in need of these skills.

At UAGC, we have experienced similarly tremendous gains in reading level by doing just this sort of work through Learning Cultures. In our classrooms, students develop their own intentions around the curriculum, recognizing their responsibility to the standards and tests they are expected to meet, and collaborating with each other alongside their teachers to achieve. Much like the innovations Facebook is seeking,

the system inverts the traditional teacher-led classroom hierarchy, requiring schools to provide intensive one-on-one mentoring and coaching to help each student adapt.

Every student, in every class, has regularly scheduled one-on-one conferences with their teachers. A student with a more pronounced need, whether in a specific subject or because of a disability, receive even more support in the collaborative classroom process. It means the classroom looks, and feels, very different than the high-school classrooms of the past or those you see on TV.

Beyond just changing the curriculum, we work to change the traditional culture of learning that has underserved so many students. We are part of a movement calling for "a ground-up effort to create a national demand for student-driven learning in schools."

Partner with us and see how you can be a part of the work we are doing, and read more about the exciting work of our students.



Sira Diakite's End of Year Reflection: Polished to Perfection

Polished to Perfection

The school year has come to an end, and now it's time to take regents. I feel ready and confident. I have seen growth in myself from September to now, and I’ve done everything I can. I have put effort in my work, test and quizzes. In writing class this year I have gone from writing basic topics to more complex ones. I wrote what I felt, what I was going through, and most importantly, about what the world was experiencing. This made me a stronger writer; I was able to speak up and share my thoughts and ideas. I have enjoyed writing as well, because I was able to write about what was important in a classroom with other strong writers. I have shared my pieces many times with my classmates, I was given comments, questions and things to work on, so they made me stronger as a writer too.

My biggest goal in writing class this year was to better inform people about social and personal topics affecting me. I wrote about everything I wanted to speak up about and I made sure there was a lesson in each piece. Two of my favorite pieces were “ISIS IS NOT MUSLIM” and “ALCOHOL.” Both of these writing piece were inspired by events going on in my life.

There have been many terrorist crimes over the years and many people have died; my Muslim community has been judged because of the crimes and attacks.  Muslims were being called every negative thing you can think of and I felt some type of way, so I had to speak up about it. Then I wrote about alcohol because of a person in my life that started drinking, and I wanted to know how people turn into alcoholics to warn this person about the danger of having more than one drink. I felt like I was affected by the drinking, so I wanted to know more and warn others.

Based on the amount of intentional work I have done this year, everything I accomplished, and my growth as a writer, I believe I should get a 100%. I’m at a 95, why not boost it up 5 points? My goal next year is to better myself as a writer. To do that, I have to be reading more and writing during the summer about the things that matter. Everything comes with practice and if you put in your all, you can get more than you expected.

UAGC Receives Highest Quality Rating

UAGC Receives Highest Quality Rating

The NYC Department of Education has determined that the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers is WELL-DEVELOPED, the highest rating given to a school, in every category of instruction, school culture, and structures for improvement. The review was filled with incredible examples from the culture of learning UAGC has built since its inception. These examples stretched across many members of our school community, including students, parents, and staff.