Bryan Serrano's Letter: Dear Santa Bro

Dear Santa Bro,


What I want for christmas is a

  1. Baseball bat

  2. Sneakers

  3. A new phone iphone 6s

  4. Basketball

  5. Laptop

  6. Beats headphones

  7. A PS4


  9. New tv

  10. ipad

Word to my deads santa if u dont give me what i want we going to shoot the 40, cause last year u dead ass slacked odee. WORD i had went to bed late that day cause i couldn’t wait to see you, then i woke up and saw no presents. Tht shit blew mine, odee bro like u cool and shit but come on my nigga. Like u know what it is to wait for u all day and night, my nigga i made u some cookies my G, and some warm milk. Like i ate all of the cookies waiting for your big ass. like i dead had a fight with my parents because of u, they told me u was going to be there but u didn’t show up. It was the first time i’ve been mad at my parents, we had a huge argument.  But for real bro give what i want and i will give u what u want, and i know your fat ass wants some cookies and milk no offense. So please just give me my presents and i love u santa.