Isaac Tejeda's Fancy Remix

Burgeoning rap artist Isaac Tejeda takes his genre practice to the next level by performing his tracks and publishing them to SoundCloud.

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Fancy (Remix)

Isaac Tejeda

( Verse #1)

I like my women with there hair styled and they nails filed 

Outfitter brands with some vans 

150 dollar alpha bomber 

She match em with some Jordan's , everything imported,

Oh she so important 

Ima funny nigga, Tracy Morgan 

No sir , she's not a choppy choppy

Trench coat flow with all white hurraches 

That's how Paloma got me,

No wonder these other bitches wanna Kopy,


(Verse 2)

 I'm addict to pretty women with a future and a past,

I'm subbing that girl from my class, 

With the American apparel bag

she got her own swag 

she never down with the fads, 

she never sleezy 

Like these other shortys being easy 

giving up the pussy for supreme tees and Bebe

She out here working double shifts at 


She on the ball team 

So the shots water like Poland Spring 

Victoria secret pink bra,

What you think ? 

Oh she fancy huh ?


6:45 on riverside ....

I wrote this for a senior 

She got me captivated since the day I seen her 

The girls at school got nothing on you... 

They be dressing like they got something to prove...

You killing in anything you choose...

you will be the dream 

Forget what it seems,

Cause you're everything and more 

behind the scenes 

You I'd never ridicule 

The only B word I call you is beautiful 

Sometimes I think you feel outta place

I got you some stars

They from outer space 

I hope to land in your heart 

I hope you ain't out of space, 

No I'm not messing with yah

I asked in 11th If i could get your picture 

I wanna show em Angels exist. 

You know you top 5 in this bitch 

I'm from the block with the 6

These little boys they hit and they dip 

If I ever hit I'd never dash 

I wonder if she fell from heaven, 

I forgot to ask

I just thought it was present to be in such presences of class