UAGC Creates Space for Innovation

As a school that exists, in part, to call attention to sustainability through future careers in the green industry, it would be wrong for us to not recognize the unsustainability of the status quo in education. Last year, at the ISN conference on innovation at which UAGC presented with NYU professor Cynthia McCallister, keynote speaker Tim McDonald called attention to the need for "disruptive innovation" in schools. His book, Unsustainable, asserts that, like current energy systems, the current public school system cannot hold in the long run.

In New York, maintaining "business-as-usual" at any level of school amounts to maintaining an historically recognized civil rights violation, that only continues to pervade.

McDonald recognizes the central importance of innovation in the design of schools and how to combine the best of emerging technologies with time-honored teaching traditions. The right policies are critical to the design of our education systems for the 21st century.
— Ron Johnson, Senior Vice President, Apple

At UAGC, students, parents, and staff work to innovate within the current system, engaging with those who that same system has most let down, rather than diverting resources (students, parents, finances) away..

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