Principal's Welcome

Dear Green Careers Families,

Queridas familias de carreras verdes,

Welcome to the 2017 -2018 school year at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers!

I am currently on leave taking care of my newborn daughter, Ola Mae! I am in touch with Daphne LaBua-Stenzel, my AP in charge and will return to school on October 10, 2017. If you need immediate help with anything, Daphne is happy to help! Otherwise, I’ll be back and in the swing of things in no time!

There are many things your child can look forward to this year at Green Careers. We have seen incredible academic achievement in our students and are excited to continue with the Learning Cultures pedagogical model this year. Second, we were awarded state certification this spring for our Green Buildings major, allowing students to earn a CTE endorsement on their high school diploma. Our Horticulture program is also thriving, and students have spent the summer internships working on the grounds at the Museum of Natural History, managing our own garden, harvesting its vegetables and opening a community farmer’s market.

Green Careers is a college preparatory and career readiness high school and all students will be learning college and career readiness skills to be successful in any post-secondary opportunity. Our graduation rate continues to increase, and our graduation celebration featured an Green Careers alumn as the keynote speaker! We are proud to report that our recent graduates are attending a range of programs at schools like City-Tech, Hunter College, Binghamton, Lehman and New York University.

The best way to support your child’s academic progress throughout the school year is to ensure that they are reading 30 minutes a day, at home, across a variety of genres. Students should write regularly and for a variety of purposes. A way that you and your family can engage your child in these important experiences at home is by discussing author’s intention and how the author uses genre features to achieve that intention. Your child should also share their writing with you. There is no official school supply list since the school provides most supplies. However, you may want to provide your child with a backpack, a planner and folders to help them stay organized.

We are gearing for a full year of opportunities to engage parents in the wonderful work we are doing here. We will be in touch regarding PTA meetings and other opportunities for involvement. Our New Families Orientation will be held the evening of September 28th, invitation to follow.

I look forward to seeing you all again or meeting you over the course of this school year!


 Madeleine Ciliotta-Young

Thoughts from the Farm

Upon returning to class on Thursday, UAGC students reflected on their experience on the farm with our friends through Manhattan Country School:

We all had chores - my group had to give cows grain. Each cow had a specific amount of grain based on their age/size. ‘Chippy’ was a teenager and he only ate a half-pound of grain. Then we’d give them water and use a pitchfork to scoop out hay and manure and put it in a cart that we dragged into a huge bin so they could use the manure as fertilizer for the soil. Then we put in new sawdust and brushed the cows.
— UAGC Students

"We all took turns - taking care of pigs - actually we just fed the pigs, we didn't need to take care of them"

"I'll remember milking the cow - and when that goat tried to jump on me"

"It's peaceful, much quieter than New York - especially the mornings, going out for a nice walk, sitting on the swing by the river."

"All New York students should have this opportunity."

UAGC Basketball Tournament 2017

Get in the Game! 

Students and staff at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers competed with one another in a tournament championship. Coach Jay Weltman and math teacher Derek Case proved that they "got handles" and could almost keep up with the energy of UAGC students. The crowd cheered two teams at a time playing half court until the final championship full court game. Check out the fun in the gallery below!