Alysha's Poem: Mirror, Mirror


I'm just staring-

Staring at the person i’ve become-

Took me years to get here-

Wow! I’ve changed!



I'm just staring-

Staring back at the person she’s become.

Looking back at her reflection thinking-

“Wow! she’s changed!”



I'm just thinking-

Staring at the person i’ve become-

Feeling i don't know Right from Wrong-

But wow! I’ve changed!



I’m just thinking-

Staring back at a girl who feels she doesn’t know Right from wrong-

But i know she knows-

She just doesn’t know how to use it right.



Mirror mirror on the wall-

Who has changed most of all?



Alysha Alysha you standing there-

You have changed so much from a lil bear.



Mirror mirror on the wall-

Why is it i always disappoint them all?



Alysha Alysha it’s okay to disappoint-

Everyone has someone who thinks of them as a disappointment.



but mirror mirror on the wall-

Why when i feel i'm doing the right thing, i fall?



but Alysha Alysha open your eyes!

You have grown from that little girl i met long ago-

Into someone who is strong!

Now look at me!

Really look at me!

Into your eyes...


Look at each other



And see you will do great things-

Big things!

Because i am you.

And you are me.

Because we are stronger together-

Even without looking through a mirror.

Raquel's Narrative Poem: Her


Once upon a time there were two girls swinging side by side.

One was shy and the other one was not.

One had battle scars and the other one had a battle going inside her mind.

One of the girls shared and opened up fast while the other one kept looking at the grass, wondering whether to speak her secrets or not.

She felt she could trust her since the first day they meet. Yet she has never opened up to anyone so soon so why should she be the only exception.

Silence feel once she lastly spoke "No one cares about me."

Until she finally spoke "In the entire world there will always be one person that cares for you, even if you don't realize it."

From staring into the sunset they shared a glance, her face was motion less but the other girl smiled reassuring her, soon a smile grew on the other girl.

Silence stroke again but this time it was as if every problem flew by.

The silent girl spoke becoming the other girls role "Let's be friends" as for the moment naming their relationships something other than complicated.

The confident took on the shyness responded "I'm not good at keeping friendships."

Silence fell for the third time.
One keep her smile while the other ones started to fade away.

"Me neither, but at least we can try. I promise I won't ever stop." The girl on the left turned to see the girl on the right.

For that moment was a special one, they went through hell and back. Flew to heaven but one had to go back, She went back to battle her demons while the girl in heaven is trying to find a way out.

Sadly enough it's most likely impossible so now she lives her life protecting her friend from afar, being the guardian angel she never knew she had inside.

The girl that left walked into the dragon's den, however she doesn't know what her friend is helping a bit on her quest.

She might not realize that the words that were spoken that day were honest and true, because even if the whole world turned against her, she will always care even if she doesn't return it.

She trusts her more than she realized and she was afraid about her fighting her demons and losing her, better to be miles away than realms away.

To the girl in heaven never cared less, she found her way down but it was needless to say. Demons came around twisting her realm, now she doubt everything even her own steps.

Latifa's Poetry: Lost In Realization

Lost In Realization

Realization is something we all come across.

We are all lost but trying to find a destination.

Oh life where could you take us?

We are lost like a star in day.


What can I say we are like a ship lost at sea.

Nowhere to be found but the hope remains there.

Like air you can’t see but you sure breathe it.

We are lost in fantasies and illusions of this worldly life.


Why don’t we realize that it is a lie?

A lie covered with dark depths that scorn our souls.

We convinced ourselves this is what we want.

When in reality we aren’t living to our true potential.


A lie like a fish on dry land.

           It appears to move and shake.

           But it’ll die soon.

           Yet we think it still has so much life due to its movements.


We’re living a life based on what others are doing.

A person of truth can tell the difference between lies and illusions.

Live your life in truth and you shall find what you seek.

When realization hits darkness will perish and light will stream like a river flow.

Latifa's Philosophy: We Don't Realize

We Don’t Realize

I’ve come to realize that we are all lost. We have yet to find our way in this world. We’re following and doing things that aren’t necessarily true to who we are. We want to become other people yet we don’t realize that these people are lost themselves. Lost in fantasies and illusions. They built this life for themselves based on other people’s opinions and provoking words. We live in this box where our life is built on impressing others.

People are the way they are because of what they are given in this world. I’m not talking about how they have come up financially. I’m talking about the love and care they’ve been given throughout their lives. Some people lack that yet they don’t realize. A lot of us myself included lose ourselves in many different ways. We’re not totally lost because some part of us is still there buried deep down where no man can see.

When people hear lost they instantly think you don’t know where you are, where you belong. What about not knowing who you are anymore? Who are we deep inside? Is a question I’ve asked myself and I’ve come to realize, I am more than just a person. I am someone who has an impact. Everything I do affects others around me. A lot of people are lost in a sense where they only care about themselves because they’ve come to believe they’re only important. Every being is important. Yet we don’t realize that.

We’re lost because we don’t recognize our true self worth and let others judgments affect us to the point we don’t realize. Realize that only we can be the true versions of ourselves. Don’t follow that person that doesn’t even know who they are because of the fact they weren’t willing to find themselves. We are all one. All united but separated. We are so lost that we deeply don’t know why. We are our own enemy. We let our negative thoughts of who we are bring us down. Why don’t we indulge in more knowledge and confidence? We let other people’s perceptions of beauty, knowledge, and life affect who we truly are.

We are beautiful lost souls that need guidance and in order to reach that we need to love ourselves and love another. We’re all trying to find our way in this world the best way we can. Life is what you make of it. So see the good and beauty in everything. Figure out what you want and need then maybe you’ll know yourself better. Once you get that down the love for yourself and the world will come naturally.

Kariyma's Prose Poem: Can You Tell?

Can you tell?

Or am I actually fooling you?

I wish I can tell you what I feel. How much pain I’m going through. I wish you didn’t believe me when I said I was happy. I was a girl full of life and color, now everything is dull and quiet. I just wish someone would hug me until all the anger and pain fade away and tell me I'm not as worthless as I think.

Did you mean it when you said you really love me - that I was your world, your heart in human form, or was that just lies to get me in bed? You hurt me. Can you tell I'm lying? I thought you said you knew me like the back of your hand. If you did, why can’t you tell I’m lying when I said I’m happy, or can you tell that I'm faking the smile I’m wearing now?

I'm starting to get scared of my own thoughts, like “why was I even born into this life?” Look what you did to me.

I'm more in love with the memories we had than I ever was with you. The part I miss the most is when we used to sit by the window and just let the words flow. Then we sat in silence for a couple of minutes and stare at the moon and say the first thing that came to our mind.

You were so easy to talk to.

I was just so comfortable around you.I love the way our lips touched. It felt like I was the luckiest girl alive the way you used to just look at me and tell me I’m the best gift you can ever receive--the way you smiled at me and gave me that look--the way you would tell me you love me just so I could hear, but the best part was when you used to lay on my chest just so you could hear my heartbeat, so you could know it’s real and you weren’t dreaming. They were the simple things that made me fall in love with you.

I know those are just memories. I guess I had to snap back to reality and realize nothing lasts forever.

Ronelle's Spoken Word: Writing Portfolio Reflection

My Reflection

They say everyone is gifted

My gift is writing

And I've grown from a seed to a bud to blooming to a flower

At first I wrote kiddy rhymes

Roses are red and violets are blue

But I've grown and I've written about the reasons why you are you

Why love isn't more than a word

And why depression is more than a mental illness

And why those little boys are always getting curved

I went from writing to why fuckboys should open there eyes

To the secret friend who told me many lies

To writing to my dear diary about my life secrets

To writing about how insecure I am about how I weigh and my features

The mentors I have

Have gotten me prepared to my draft in the war of writing

But there is no blood or fighting

Only words of truth and wisdom and feedback

And instantly I clap back

I hated feedback but Kate has taught me to love it

It has given me an insight on things I've never thought of before

And writing will now forever be my cure

To pain to hurt to heartbreak to me falling

To me getting back up to me hearing my calling

Not from god

But from the words written on a page

And my goals for next semester

Is to work on talking about the jester

The one in my head that likes to play jokes

The one that takes everything seriously until I hit them high notes

Talking bout baby won't you be mine

And instantly he laughs

Talking bout baby won't you shut up

So I wanna give people an insight

On what loving the cruel will do

I will clock back when u say fix it I will run it back when you say repeat it I will turn it around when you tell me I'm wrong but I will NOT change it when you tell me to

I have been drafting for many months and I have been revising my work of art

And I think here at UAGC in room 227 is where I will start