PSAL @ Brandeis

I participated in the volleyball team and it was great, I met some of the best people ever who are now my close friends!!
— Gabriella M., Class of 2023

As part of the Brandeis Campus, UAGC students team up with the other schools in the building (Frank McCourt, Global Learning Collaborative, and Innovation Diploma Plus) to participate in a variety of PSAL sports, including:


For more information on these sports,
search for the Louis Brandeis campus on the
PSAL website,
where scores, offerings, and coach contacts are kept up-to-date.

UAGC Club Sports

In addition to PSAL, we also offer other club sports from year to year, including the UAGC championship-winning boys basketball team in the Urban Assembly club league!


Finally, we work to encourage all students to find a sport that appeals to them, and several of our students participate in independent clubs and sports around the city, including dance competitions, skateboarding, and crew.

(right, Azra Muratovic, UAGC sophomore)