1. Can this absence be avoided? For all appointments**, please reschedule for after school hours.

2. Please call 212-787-1189 x5774 as soon as you know your child will be out* (please call each day)

3. After the absence, please provide a note indicating where the child was. Any appointments require official documentation***.

*Illness: if it is self-treated illness, please keep these days to a minimum.  This is not an excused absence

**Appointments: These are not excused absences, even if a doctor asks that a student not return to school.  We require documentation from a physician, NOT an appointment card.

***Travel: this is not an excused absence. Reschedule all travel for official vacation time when school is not in session. Central Calendar

In order to be "Not at risk for graduation" you must maintain 95%+ attendance all year.